When we’re on the road, every action we take gets us to a safer place.

Like when we ignore our phone while driving, let another car in when they signal, or just get someone a ride after they’ve been drinking…it’s a thing of beauty. 

No matter where you go, thanks for keeping our roads safe.

Safe Roads Depend on All of Us

We Drive Distraction Free

Washington drivers are increasingly off the phone when on the road. Thank you for turning off your cell, putting it on Do Not Disturb, or simply placing it out of reach. It means everything.

We Drive Sober

Washingtonians understand the dangers of driving drunk or high. And a huge majority of us will intervene to stop someone from driving impaired. That’s just how we roll (or don’t roll as the case may be).

We Buckle Our Seat Belt

We’ve been doing it forever, and we’re still doing it right. Amazing how risk of fatal injury drops by 45% with one simple action.

We Share The Road

Many thanks to all the drivers who slow down and make extra room (half a lane or more) when bicyclists are around.

We Watch Out for One Another

Washingtonians are total experts at giving walkers the right of way (with friendly waves and smiles thrown in for good measure).

Together We Get There

We all play a role in keeping everyone safe on the road. From observing the speed limit to patiently merging to simply understanding our roads are a shared space whether you’re walking, biking or driving.

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