Let’s Share The Road Safely

Let’s Share The Road Safely

We share the road with a lot of different people. Many walking, many rolling, and all depending on us to be the best drivers we can possibly be. Because when you’re the biggest and the fastest, you also have to be the safest.

Most people in Washington respect the speed limit.

Yield to all those on foot and wheel

Crossings that are appropriately located, designed and accessible for people with disabilities are not available everywhere they are needed, meaning people may need to cross in risky conditions. As the person driving, please:

  • Look out for people walking or “rolling” at all times, in all places
  • Respect the speed limit (And even go under it when sharing the road with people walking or biking)
  • Give people a brake who are walking or rolling in crosswalks
  • Give people a brake who are walking or rolling at unmarked corners
  • Slow down and be safe around people wherever they are
  • Respect yellow lights (yellow means go slower and stop)
  • Always follow speed limits in school zones or where children are present
  • Follow suit when there are other cars stopped at a crosswalk
  • Be extra cautious when driving conditions are less than optimal such as in the dark or in rainy weather


Yes, it’s the safe (and lawful) thing to do.

More is always better—6 feet is a good amount of space.  And if there’s not enough room to pass, be patient and wait until it’s safe.

Talk to fellow drivers, especially friends and family, about being 100% focused when on the road.

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